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Are You Allowed to Drive as Soon as You Pass the Test?

Are You Allowed to Drive as Soon as You Pass the Test?

Yes, can finally drive on your own!

Yes, you are allowed to drive as soon as you have passed the driving test. As soon as you pull back into the test centre and switch off the engine, the examiner will inform you whether you have pass or failed the driving test.

If you have passed the driving test, great news, you can drive right away and you’ll legally no longer need a supervising passenger.

The examiner will fill out a test pass certificate and hand it to you. They will keep hold of your provisional driving licence and send it back to the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency), who in return will send you your full driving licence.

The test pass certificate entitles you to drive. It’s essentially your ‘temporary’ licence until your full driving licence arrives – usually within two week.

You don’t need to take your test pass certificate with you when you drive and you’re not legally obliged to. If you happen to get stopped by the police, they will ask you a few questions and check on their database for your driving entitlements.

Should You Drive on Your Own After Passing the Test?

Most driving instructors drive their pupil back home even if they have passed. This is simply due to the pupil being a little mentally exhausted after the test and are best off relaxing for a while.

Even though you’re now a fully qualified driver, you still lack experience, so the best course of action would be to start driving independently in a quiet area and gradually take to busier, more complicated roads as your confidence improves.