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Tips on passing the theory test

When you have received your provisional driving licence, then next stage is to take the theory test. Many learner drivers struggle to pass the theory test. Listed below are some tips and advice to help you pass. The theory test consists of two sections. Section one is multiple choice questions where the pass mark is 43 out of 50. Section two is the hazard perception part and the pass mark is 44 out of 75. Both the multiple choice and hazard perception sections need to be passed or the the theory test will need to be taken again. To help you understand the theory test more, please see our what to expect on the theory test section.

The theory test currently costs £31 and can be booked online. The theory test centre page provides contact numbers and web site links. There is no booking fee if the theory test is booked via the official DirectGov web site. Other web sites may charge you a fee for booking your test. If you wish to cancel your theory test, a minimum of 3 working days notice must be given or else you will lose your fee.

Theory test – multiple choice part 1

  1. Purchase or borrow a theory test and hazard perception DVD and book. You can purchase the official DVSA theory test kit from many online stores or good book shops. As well as studying this, take a mock theory test as much as possible. You can take the official practice theory test by going to the DirectGov web site.
  2. When you have studied the theory test kit and have taken several mock tests, make a note of the areas that you find difficult. Spend extra time on these areas until they are stored in your mind.
  3. Before you take the theory test, take around 10 or more driving lessons with qualified driving instructors like those at Cambridge Driving School. This will get you familiar with road markings, road signs and will benefit you significantly on the hazard perception part of the test. Your driving instructor will be able to provide you with lots of help and tips for the theory test.
  4. Some of the multiple choice answers may seem obvious. Read them very carefully however before making your decision to ensure you have chosen the correct answer.
  5. If you have some time left over after completing the test, before you click the end test button, ensure you have completed all 50 questions. It will tell you how many questions have been answered on screen. Using any time you have left, review your answers to ensure you have not made any mistakes.

Theory test – hazard perception part 2

  1. Look out for developing hazards for example a car emerging from a junction, a pedestrian about to cross the road etc. As soon as you spot a potential or developing hazard, click the button on the mouse. There may be many developing hazards per clip so it is acceptable to click the mouse on several occasions per clip. Ensure you only click the mouse when you see a developing hazard as constant clicking through out will fail that particular clip section.
  2. As above, practice using the official DVSA theory test kit and taking driving lessons with a qualified driving instructor will help immensely with this section of the theory test.
  3. Types of hazards that you need to keep a look out for are:
  • Pedestrians or cyclists waiting to cross the road
  • Vehicles emerging from side roads or driveways
  • Large vehicles when turning need extra room and may come onto your side of the road
  • If the clip is on a narrow road especially with parked cars be prepared for oncoming vehicles