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Cambridge Driving School Instructors

Cambridge Driving School InstructorsAs with any business, the products or services provided are key to long term success. For driving schools, success follows from the driving instructors abilities, conduct and professionalism.

Listed are some of the frequently asked questions from inquiries we receive regarding our driving instructors.

How many driving instructors do you have?

As a relatively small and local company, Cambridge Driving Schools primary object is to provide a quality service. Our driving instructors are closely monitored not only to ensure they provide an excellent service to each and every learner driver, but to ensure they, as individuals are given the required support to continuously develop their skills and teaching methods.

Do you have both male and female driving instructors?

Cambridge Driving School offer both male and female driving instructors. See female driving instructors

Are your driving instructors fully qualified?

Although we do train driving instructors, all the driving instructors currently working with Cambridge Driving School are fully qualified green licence holders. This means all of our instructors have successfully passed all 3 qualifying tests required to become an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI).

What grade are your driving instructors?

Driving instructors working with Cambridge Driving School are either a grade 5 or 6. Grade 6 is the highest possible grade that can be awarded to a driving instructor.

Do any of your instructors speak a language other than English?

Two of our driving instructors speak Urdu, Panjabi, Hindi and of course English.

Is it possible to change driving instructors?

We’ve not had any issues where a learner driver has wanted to change driving instructors, but if for whatever reason you should wish to, a different driving instructor can be assigned to you.

What are your driving instructors pass rates?

Due to our instructors being highly graded and experienced within the area, our school currently has an excellent pass rate of 73% compared to the national average pass rate of around 43%

What makes a good driving instructor?

Essentially, a fully qualified instructor who has plenty of experience in not only teaching, but also within a certain area only. Over years of teaching, a good driving instructor will develop their teaching techniques to accommodate all learners. As everyone is different and has different abilities, it’s important that a instructor can change and adapt their teaching techniques to suit all.

Being established within a particular area will allow an instructor to become familiar with all the difficult areas of the test routes. Cambridge in particular has difficult and challenging areas of the test routes, all of which our instructors are familiar with. Having this knowledge as a learner driver, will unquestionably aid you in passing the driving test.

Intensive driving courses, weekly lessons and a variety of other driving courses are available at Cambridge Driving School. Please contact us for further information. For further information on how the Cambridge Driving School website uses your information, see our Privacy Policy.