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Cambridge Driving Instructors

With the huge amount of driving instructors in Cambridge, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. Choosing the best driving instructor in Cambridge will allow you to learn to drive quickly and confidently, ultimately reaching driving test standard in minimal time. There are many cheap driving instructors in Cambridge although simply going for the cheapest can ultimately cost you more.

When looking to employ the services of a Cambridge driving instructor, we have compiled some frequently asked questions. These questions are compared to the instructors based at Cambridge Driving School and should help you establish how to choose a good driving instructor.

Local driving instructors

National driving schools often send their instructors to many various towns and are not always localised to a specific area. Opting for a local driving instructor means they are highly experienced in your area. The benefits of this are huge as it means they will have a high knowledge of the local test routes. All test centres including both the Cambridge test centres have difficult areas set out on the test routes. These difficult areas are set intentionally by the examiners at each test centre and are used to test each learner driver to their maximum ability.

Cambridge Driving School instructors are all local and highly experienced with all the test routes in Cambridge, especially the most difficult areas. By the time of your test, you will have an excellent knowledge of these areas, leaving no surprises and a much higher chance of passing the driving test first time.

Experienced driving instructors

There are essentially two types of driving instructors, those that are fully qualified and trainee instructors. There is nothing wrong with using a trainee instructor, although they will not have passed all the qualifying tests to become fully qualified. Cambridge Driving School instructors are all fully qualified and have many years of experience of teaching. The benefits of a experienced driving instructor are:

  • a high knowledge of the local test routes.
  • experience with teaching learners of all abilities. This is essential as learner drivers can range from extremely nervous to over-confident. A particular leaner may also struggle to understand a technique used to train them. A experienced instructor will adopt different methods for each learner and also has the ability to alter teaching techniques to allow a learner better understanding.
  • over time, an experienced instructor will develop and refine their teaching techniques, allowing for easier understanding.

Friendly and patient driving instructors

Although it may seem obvious to use a friendly and patient driving instructor, not all are. Driving instructors that get angry and shout make driving lessons tense for the learner and rather than concentrating on the task at hand, a learner is more concerned about the instructor. Cambridge Driving School instructors are at all times friendly, patient and punctual, keeping the learner as relaxed as possible.

Cheap Cambridge driving instructors

As an established driving school with an excellent record of first time driving test pass rates, we have little need to charge excessively cheap lesson prices. Driving schools with good reputations have little need for this due to recommendations from previous learners. Although our prices are highly competitive, beware of excessively cheap prices. This may indicate a driving school with a bad reputation or a instructor new to the area, in which case they may have little experience of the local test routes.

It may be tempting to opt for the cheapest instructor, this can however ultimately cost more than a good Cambridge based driving instructor who will gain test standard in minimal time and have an excellent knowledge of the test routes.

Our friendly, patient and experienced Cambridge based driving instructors offer intensive driving courses, weekly lessons and a variety of other driving courses are available at Cambridge Driving School. Please contact us for further information. For further information on how the Cambridge Driving School website uses your information, see our Privacy Policy.