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Driving Courses in Cambridge

Driving Courses in CambridgeCambridge Driving School offer a range of courses to suit your needs.

We often get asked what time schedules our driving courses are set. As everybody’s abilities and schedules are so different, we don’t use pre-set course times or durations. Driving lessons can be taken for as many days per week as you wish and from a single hour and upwards. Intensive driving courses can also be taken within a single week or over a longer duration if required.

Our aim is to provide a relaxed learning environment and course structure that best suits your schedule and abilities so you learn to drive effectively and to ideally pass the driving test on your first attempt.

This page lists the available courses provided by Cambridge Driving School. By clicking a link, further information can be obtained on any particular course. Provided on each course page is an easy to fill contact form if you require further information.

If you have any questions regarding a driving course, would like to book a driving course or would simply like some help, please e-mail us or call us on any of the following numbers:

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