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Intensive driving courses

Intensive Driving Courses CambridgeIntensive driving courses can be an excellent method of reaching test standard in minimal time and due to frequency in which learners are driving, little is forgotten when it comes to taking the driving test. An intensive driving course is structured to your particular schedule and abilities often with a driving test at the end of the course.

Cambridge Driving School intensive courses

A clean, dual controlled car is provided throughout your intensive course and the very same car used on the intensive is also used for the driving test. If you have little or no previous experience when starting, your instructor will pick you up from your chosen location and take you to a quiet area to start the course.

Cambridge Driving Schools instructors are highly experienced with intensive courses and from this quiet starting area, you will soon gain in confidence and be driving on busy city roads in no-time.

Intensive driving course duration

Initially we prefer that an assessment lesson is arranged. This driving lesson is used for not only teaching you to drive, but to assess your ability for learning. Based on this initial lesson a suitable intensive course is scheduled with yourself and your instructor.

As each person’s abilities are varied, it can take some individuals a few more hours, while other fewer are needed. On average however, it take learner drivers at Cambridge Driving School around 30 hours or under to reach a confident ability in driving and high level of test standard. This is well under the national average of 45 professional driving lessons. The 30 hour intensive course can be taken within a single week or taken over several. This is discussed after the initial assessment lesson based on the learner drivers requirements and abilities.

We can reach these targets due to our excellent teaching methods and a patient, confidence building approach to teaching.

Intensive driving course prices

Intensive driving courses at Cambridge Driving School are highly competitive and cheaper than national driving school prices.

The more hours pre-paid, the more you save. Block booking discount apply:
Hours (pre-paid) Price per hour
10 hours £380.00 (38.00 per hour)
20 hours £740.00 (37.00 per hour)
30 hours £1080.00 (36.00 per hour)
40 hours £1400.00 (35.00 per hour)

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