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How to find a good driving instructor

As there are so many driving schools and instructors, it’s not easy to establish a good one from a bad one. When making enquiries with a school or instructor, these are some questions you may consider asking:

Are your driving instructors fully qualified?
Some driving schools use trainee driving instructors. This means that they are still undergoing training to become a driving instructor. A trainee instructor will display a pink licence in the window and a fully qualified driving instructor will display a green licence in the window. A trainee instructor will have completed a large amount of the training necessary to become a fully qualified instructor and should provide a high standard of teaching. A fully qualified instructor (ADI) like those used at Cambridge Driving School have taken and passed all exams and are DSA approved.

How long have you been a driving instructor?
A driving instructor with many years of experience will ensure they will have many tips and hints they have gained over the years to pass onto you. All of our instructors are highly experienced and have a high knowledge of test routes which will aid you on your driving test.

Will I have the same instructor for all my lessons?
It is important to have the same instructor throughout the duration of your course. By having different instructors leads to conflicting information and opinions. Also all instructors have a preferred method for doing a manoeuvre for example. So you may learn how to bay park with one instructor using specific reference points, but the technique may be completely different with another instructor. Cambridge Driving School provide the same driving instructor throughout the entire duration of your chosen course.

Do you have male and female driving instructors?
Occasionally learners feel that a female instructor will be a little more approachable and friendly. The truth is all qualified driving instructors should be patient and friendly. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case. As a local driving school, reputation is important to us. We do offer driving lessons with a female instructor, although all of our instructors are very patient and friendly. Finding a friendly and patient instructor is essential. If an instructor gets angry or shouts then it will make your lessons very tense. A good instructor is at all times patient and will provide confidence to his or her student.

What type of cars do you provide for tuition?
For the duration of your lessons a small, easy to manoeuvre car is important. A small car makes for example the three point turn much easier to complete. You of course want the best possible chance of passing your driving test first time. Our cars range from Vauxhall Corsas, Toyota Yaris and Renault Clio.

Are your cars dual controlled?
For your own safety and other road users safety, only choose a instructor or school that uses dual controlled cars. All of our tuition vehicles are dual controlled, well maintained and fully insured for learner drivers.

Where do I get picked up from?
Finding a school that will pick you up from your chosen location will make things a lot easier for you. Our instructors pick you up from your specified location and and no extra cost. We will also drop you off at an alternative location if required.

Can I take lessons in the evening or at weekends?
Everybody had commitments of some form or another. Finding a instructor or driving school that can fit around your schedule is important. Cambridge Driving School provide lessons from early in the morning up to 8pm in the evening. Weekend lessons are also provided at the same price as weekday lessons.

How much are your lessons?
It’s worth shopping around for good lesson prices. The cheapest however isn’t often the best. If the average price for a driving lesson is £24 and a instructor or school is offering lessons for £17, then you may wonder why. A good driving instructor or school will have a consistently high amount of work coming in. A large degree of this work will be from referrals off previous students. Therefore, there will be no need for this school to charge excessively low prices. In the Cambridge area price per hour range from around £20 to £26. Our price per hour for driving lessons is £23 although block buying an entire course can lower that price to £21 per hour.

What is your test pass rate?
Finding a driving school or instructor that has a good pass rate will ensure you have the best chances of passing first time. The national pass rate for car test from 2008 to 2009 is 45.65. Cambridge Driving School current first time pass rate is 72%. This high pass rate is maintained by providing a structured learning system to our students. The system is easy to understand and key skills easily learnt. Combine this with friendly and patient instructors that provide confidence and a relaxed environment to their students is what enables most of our students to pass first time.