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Driving Instructor Training

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Working as a driving instructor has many benefits. You will be your own boss enabling you to work the hours you choose. Meet a wide variety of interesting people and whilst teaching a life skill, you will do so earning an attractive salary.

Cambridge Driving School offer a pay as you go training system with no contracts to sign. Also a pre-paid alternative that provide large discounts. Our ADI training course is highly competitive and is designed to fit around your schedule and commitments. Training is only conducted on a one-to-one basis with the same trainer throughout the duration of your course. You will not be sharing the car with other individuals taking the course as we believe this detracts from the learning process.

How does this all work?

Three tests need to be passed in order to become a fully qualified driving instructor. Part 1 is a theory and hazard perception test similar to that of the learner driver theory test. Part 2 is a test of your driving ability. Again similar to the learner driver practical driving test although a much higher standard must be reached. Part 3 assesses your ability to teach.

Once you have successfully passed all 3 exams you will gain your green ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) licence. You have the option of starting up your own driving school or joining an existing school such as Cambridge Driving School.

During your training however, you may wish to apply for a trainee licence. This is the pink PDI (Potential Driving Instructor) licence. This may be applied for once you have completed Part 1, Part 2 and have completed a minimum of 40 hours training for Part 3.

The Cambridge Driving School Instructor Course incorporates an easy to understand system that can be taken as slowly or as speedily as the student requires. Should you need any help or advice out of training hours, your trainer is available by e-mail or telephone.

What do I need to get started?

You will need to hold a full UK driving licence for a minimum of three and a half years and your licence must have no more than 6 penalty points. A criminal record check will need to be taken. If these requirements are met, you can then order the ADI starter pack.

The ADI starter pack costs £5 and can be ordered by calling DSAon 0870 121 4202.

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