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Intensive driving Cambridge

Intensive driving Cambridge

At Cambridge Driving School, we are frequently asked for intensive driving courses. We are of course happy to provide intensive courses and our instructors are highly experienced in both standard driving lessons and intensive driving in Cambridge. Many driving schools are happy to provide intensive courses in as short as time as possible with no questions asked. But is an intensive course right for you?

Are intensive driving courses any good?

Intensive driving courses are not suited to everyone. A 30 or 40 hour intensive course can be taken in as little time as a single week. The process of learning to drive is likely something you haven’t experienced before. There is an immense amount of information that needs to be absorbed in a short amount of time. If however you are suited, you will find an intensive course an excellent option as little is forgotten when it comes to taking the driving test.

How do I know if an intensive course is for me?

If you are interested in an intensive course, what we do is have an assessment lesson initially. This is essentially a normal lesson where we are teaching you drive, but we are also assessing how you cope with taking the information on board combined with controlling the car. As our driving instructors are highly experienced, we will be able to assess the outcome and decide if a intensive course is suited to you. It may be that a semi intensive is more appropriate.

During this assessment lesson we also gain a good understanding of the overall amount of hours we believe you will need. Often around 30 hours is the average although if you find the learning to drive process easy, then less hours may apply. The driving test is often taken at the end of the intensive course.

If you are unsure if an intensive course is the way to go, contact Cambridge Driving School for some helpful and friendly advice. We can arrange an assessment lesson to establish the ideal approach for teaching you to drive.