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Driving lessons in St Neots

Cheap driving lessons, intensive courses, refresher lessons and Pass Plus courses are available in St Neots, plus 2 FREE lessons by Cambridge Driving School.

Driving lessons in St Neots area

As an established and experienced driving school, Cambridge Driving Schools primary goal is to provide professional but cheap driving lessons. Driving lessons in St Neots will commence at a location of your choice and finish at an alternative location if you prefer. Lessons are scheduled around your preferred times and can last from 1 hour, 1.5, 2 or more hours if you wish.

Your St Neots driving instructor will be patient and friendly and will take you from your location in St Neots to the test route areas in and around Cambridge. Our instructors have many years experience and have an excellent first time test pass rate.

Intensive driving courses St Neots

Along with normal driving lessons, our instructors are highly experienced with intensive driving courses. Often an assessment lesson is taken from your home in St Neots before the intensive to establish how many hours you will need in total. Usually this is around 30 hours which is far less than the national average.

The intensive can be taken within 1 week or over several depending upon your ability and schedules. If you have no previous experience, the course will initiate from a quiet area in St Neots and ultimately take you around the driving test routes of Cambridge. The entirety of the course will be with the same instructor and car as will the driving test be.

Our prices are highly competitive and discounts, plus 2 FREE hours are available for block bookings. See prices below for further details.

Pass Plus courses St Neots

Starting from your home in St Neots, our Pass Plus course lasts only 6 hours and is marked and passed by our instructors. Pass Plus can lead to a significant discount off your car insurance policy and will help you become a more confident and skilled driver.

Refresher lessons St Neots

Refresher lessons are suited to those that may have not driven in a long time or have lost confidence in their ability. Our instructors will quickly get you back behind the wheel in just a few lessons.

Driving lesson prices

Although our driving lesson prices are highly competitive, we are also offering 1 FREE hour for any new learner that joins us, and 2 FREE hours for any learner that books 10 hours or more. See our offers page for further information.

Hourly driving lessons

Duration  Price
1 hour lesson £23.00

Although our driving lessons prices are cheap, even greater savings can be made by block booking.
Hours (pre-paid) Price per hour
10-19 hours pre-paid £22.50 per hour
20-29 hours pre-paid £22.00 per hour
30-40 hours pre-paid £21.50 per hour
40 plus hours pre-paid £21.00 per hour

Intensive driving courses

The more hours pre-paid, the more you save. Block booking discount apply:
Hours (pre-paid) Price
10 hours £225.00 (£22.50 per hour)
20 hours £440.00 (£22.00 per hour)
30 hours £645.00 (£21.50 per hour)
40 hours £840.00 (£21.00 per hour)

Refresher lessons

Refresher driving lessons are priced at £23.00 per hour
Lesson Type Price (per hour)
Refresher driving lesson £23.00 per hour

Pass Plus Course

Lesson Type Price (per hour)
6 hour course £138.00

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