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Chesterton Road – Extended Car Test Route

The extended driving test is taken if a court orders a re-test after a driving ban. The extended driving test lasts longer than a learners test at around 70 minutes. The extended driving test is more demanding and will cover a wider variety of roads and situations.


  • EOR – End of Road
  • T/L – Traffic Lights

Name/Number of Road Direction
DTC Left
Carlyle Rd EOR left
Chesterton Rd One way system middle then left lane
Milton Rd T/L left
Gilbert Rd 2nd right
Courtney Way Becomes
Metcalfe Rd EOR right
Carlton Way 1st right
Brimley Rd EOR right
Carlton Way 1st right
Alex Wood Rd Mini roundabout ahead
Mansel Way EOR T/L
Arbury Rd 3rd mini roundabout left
St. Albans Rd EOR left
Arbury Rd 2nd T/L EOR left
Kings Hedges Rd EOR T/L right
Histon Rd Roundabout right 3rd exit
A14 East 3rd exit J35 – roundabout right 3rd exit
Newmarket Rd Roundabout left 1st exit
Airport Way Becomes
Cherry Hinton Rd Roundabout ahead
Cherry Hinton Rd After 3rd mini roundabout – T/L right
Coldhams Lane Roundabout left
Brooks Rd T/L ahead becomes
Perne Rd Roundabout right 3rd exit
Cherry Hinton Rd EOR T/L right
Hills Rd Over bridge T/L left
Brooklands Ave EOR T/L right
Trumpington Rd Mini roundabout left
The Fen Causeway Roundabout right 2nd exit
Newnham Rd T/L ahead
Queens Rd Mini roundabout right
Northampton St. T/L ahead becomes
Chesterton Lane / Rd 3rd left
Carlyle Rd Right 2nd white gate

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